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Specialists in
Static Mixers

Inline mixing for water treatment.
Inline mixing for petrochemicals.
Inline mixing for pH adjustment.
Inline mixing for biofuels. 


Pellermix Static Mixers Liquid Mixing Applications

Pellermix supplies static mixers for inline liquid blending for the following applications:
- Mixing acid or caustic for pH adjustment.
-Blending of Ethanol or biodiesel with petroleum fuels.
- Mixing flocculant chemicals in water treatment applications.
Pellermix Static Mixers

Static Mixers for Gas and Liquid Mixing

Pellermix provides a range of gas sparging inline mixers which include mixers for the following applications:
-Static Mixers for oxygenation of a stream,
-Static Mixers for nitrification of a stream,
-Static Mixers for Inline Hydrogenation of vegetable oils
-Static Mixers for Sparging of Ammonia gas into a stream for solvent extraction of metal.
-Static Mixers for Steam Sparging for heat exchange and reaction purposes
Pellermix Quad Flow Static Mixer Elements.

Pellermix Static Mixers Materials of Construction available

Pellermix Static Mixer Stainless can be fabricated from a range of steels including:
- Stainless Steel 304,
-Stainless steel 316,
-Hastalloy and
-Carbon Steel

Other Materials of Contruction for errosion and corriosn prevention include:
- Polyethanlene,
- PP
-Neoprene Rubber Lining

Teflon Lined Static Mixer

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Pellermix Pty Ltd (Australia)